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Hello, we are
Crease Design Works.

A team of creatives who design strong and distinct brand identities and visual assets based on real data and research.

What We Do

Social Media Management

Not just grids, not just pictures and not the boring text-heavy carousels. We look at social media as your voice to communicate with your target audience. At Crease, everything is backed by research and data. Therefore, the first step we follow is Social Media Strategy resulting in impactful and aesthetic graphics that leave your customers wanting more.

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Your brand deserves to be impactful, powerful, and most of all, memorable! We can help you find the perfect style and aestetic for your brand, so that when your audience sees your name, they see exactly who you are.

Design Strategy & Consulting

What is my brands’ visual identity? How do I want my audience to feel when they think about my brand? Who am I targeting and how? These aren’t always straightforward questions, but they are important ones. Sometimes, a little help goes a long way towards figuring out the answers! Our design strategy and consulting services help you give your brand a unique voice.

Content , Copy & Ghost Writing

Your brand deserves to be shown in it’s best light. We make sure that your content and copy is in line with the unique tone and philosophy that you built for your brand. We believe that your written content is just as much a part of your identity as your visuals and your offerings, so that your audience gets to know who you really are. 


With so many shelves carrying so many products, packaging is crucial in order to stand out. Crease designs your packaging to be attractive, eye catching, and true to your brand. With so much generic packaging, the options can seem endless and equally uninspiring. Yours can be the one the will have a customer stop for a second look and think, “I want to take that home!”

Digital Art & Illustrations

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we better make sure the thousand words are worth it! Our digital art and illustration services will create art to your specifications, and make sure you communicate through visuals with impact and specificity.


Your wedding deserves to look as extraordinary and unique as your relationship! Your memories will last forever, and Crease can make sure that looking back at it, there won’t be any regrets. From invites and itineraries to websites and stationery, we make sure your wedding design is as singular and remarkable as you are.


From magazines and lookbooks to newsletters and websites, editorial design is all about elevation and innovation. We can create the perfect layout and framework for you to showcase your creativity and blaze new trails.

Web and Mobile App Design

When we surf the web, there is so much out there that we can get distracted in seconds. When Crease create a website or a mobile app for you, we make sure that it stands out from the rest. Your target audience will want to stick around to see what you’re all about!


No one can resist a good video! In an age of reels and shorts, a video needs to hook the viewer from the start and not let go till the end. Well put together and edited video content will set you apart and become a fantastic vehicle for you and your brand.

Brands & Partnerships

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