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We Specialize in Brand Development, Website Design and Visual Content Creation

We believe that identity is essential, and to stand out in your space, you have to know who you are. Our work does just that—helping brands uncover and express what makes them unique and how they can drive culture forward.

Because branding and design is all we do, we can focus on the one thing that matters most: your reputation. Let's chat?

Creative Minds Behind Crease

Lavanya Trehan

Founder and Creative Director

Lavanya is our Creative Strategist and Chief Thinker at Crease. She is the mind behind those juicy ideas that make our clients go "Wow"!

Navdeep Singh

Art Director

Navdeep is as passionate about Design as much as Jack was for Rose. He brings rich industry experience and great ideas to Crease.

Priyanka Ajmera

Graphic Designer

Priyanka takes to design like a duck to water. She'll swim in a sea of ideas with you and discover new visual worlds to explore.

Mahika Banerjee

Content Manager

Mahika is our experienced Content Wizard who will silently check your grammar but vocally correct it if wrong.

Sundar Raj

Graphic Designer

Sundar is a creative genius who loves to explore new tech and trends. He enjoys drawing and illustration and loves gaming and art.

Ayisha Ashraf

Social Media Manager

Ayisha conjures engagement spells, brew creative potions, and slay with witty words. In simple terms , she is the social media wizard of Crease Design Works

Mukul Badsiwal

Project Manager

Mukul is our Graphic Design Maverick at Crease. His unique creativity and innovation continually amaze our clients!

Jannat kaur

Sales & Marketing Manager

With passion for interacting with people. Jannat is always on the hunt for finding new clients and managing Crease's marketing.

Karan Rana

Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Passionate storyteller with a keen eye for visual narrative! As a video editor and graphic designer,Karan adds life to all our designs at Crease.

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