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Commanding the Clicks: How to Make Your CTAs Pop!

Updated: May 10, 2023

One button.

Your business and your website’s success can often depend on one button. Is it a button you want to click? Does it stand out? Does it make you curious?

This is the draw of a Call to Action, or a CTA. It drives clicks and conversions for your website. So it’s important that it’s front and center, catchy, and enticing. Whether it is a button, a content block or a sidebar, it is your go-to lead magnet. Even a reader skims all the content on your website, your CTA should be clear enough that they’ll click anyway.

So how do we make our CTAs pop?

Make Your Button Eye Catching

Your CTA button needs to draw the eye of whoever visits your website. It should reflect your style, while still being distinct and clearly visible. Think about the colour and style of your CTA module carefully.

Little things like the shape of your button can matter a lot. For example, rounding the corners of your button can soften the look and make the CTA feel more inviting. Think about what kind of leads you are trying to generate and test what style works best for what you need. Keep an eye on how different style affect your clicks and conversions.

Think about distinguishing your CTA module by adding illustrations, graphics, or creative, concise language.

This CTA captures the playful, creative tone of the brand, and creates a unique, gamified approach to lead generation with the button (Reference: Huemor ) Choose Your Type and Colors Carefully

Visuals are the first thing that grabs the attention of any prospective lead. Think about what colors go with your style, but also consider how contrasting colours and adding unexpected flourishes can make your CTA feel more enticing. Color psychology is a major tool that can work to your advantage in digital marketing. Choose your colour story wisely, and make sure your CTA draws the eye of your audience immediately and impactfully.

When it comes to typefaces, it is important that your CTA font be as legible and clear as possible. Script fonts are visually striking, but can often be hard to read. A serif or sans serif font will be immediately readable and digestible for your audience.

Where Do You Put Your CTAs?

Your CTA is the primary lead generator on your website. While a CTA can take many forms, such as overlays and lightboxes, buttons, sidebars, and even content blocs, it is important that the CTA is constantly visible to your audience. When someone visits your landing page, they should never have to search around for where to go next. This is essential for generating conversions.

It can also be useful to scatter your CTAs throughout your webpage, so that even when scrolling, your audience always has access to the link.

Note the prominence, color, and unique style of this CTA button. (Reference: EPIC)

What Does Your CTA Say?

There are 3 C’s when it comes to the language of your CTA: You should be clear. You should be creative. And most importantly, you should be concise.

Your reader should not have to read your CTA more than once to understand what you are offering. Make sure your language is accessible and reflects the tone and attitude of your business. Play around with language, but challenge yourself to keep it under 30 words, and see what you come up with.

This CTA uses clear language, a limited time offer, and unique, creative art near the button,


You can find some examples of successful, effective CTAs here

Good luck with your CTAs, and we hope this helps you command more clicks!

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